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2010 BMW X6 Reviews

2010 BMW X6

The 2010 BMW X6 ranks 17 out of 17 Luxury Midsize SUVs. This ranking is based on our analysis of 31 published reviews and test drives of the BMW X6, and our analysis of reliability and safety data.

The 2010 BMW X6 combines sleek coupe looks and sporty BMW performance with SUV utility. However, it’s quite expensive for its class and isn’t a practical hauler for people or cargo.

The X6 is a fun-driving, refined SUV that lives up to its BMW roots both inside and out. Still, it isn’t really a practical choice and functions best as a sporty diversion. Moreover, at $56,000, the X6 has one of the most expensive base prices in its class — and that’s a lot to spend on a vehicle that can’t even cart around a family of five (the X6 seats only four).

If you go for the all-new X6 ActiveHybrid, which is one of the most sporty and powerful hybrids on the market, you’ll be spending even more — a whopping $88,900, to be exact. For that huge price premium, you’ll only get a small bump in fuel economy. If you’re able to spend this much money on an impractical car, there are plenty of other options out there — the Porsche Cayenne comes to mind — so why go for an SUV like this? Many reviewers are asking the same question.

“The X6 can’t go off-road and its lack of back-seat headroom makes it a lousy vehicle for hauling four adults,” says “It’s incredibly expensive and sucks down fuel at an alarming rate. And yet I still love it. I don’t just mean ‘like it a lot’; I really do love the X6.”

So what is it that makes the X6 so lovable? For singles or couples with money to burn, it’s hard to beat the BMW’s amazing handling and awesome high-tech gadgetry. For everyone else though, it’s less than ideal.

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