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2011 Honda Odyssey reviews

2011 Honda Odyssey Reviews. This is a review of the 2011 Honda Odyssey about overall, prices, performance, exterior, interior, safety and reliability. You can get the latest reviews of the 2011 Honda Odyssey here.

2011 Honda Odyssey

2011 Honda Odyssey overall :
Almost every reviewer who has driven the 2011 Honda Odyssey recommends it wholeheartedly.

2011 Honda Odyssey prices :
- Avg. Paid:$27,760 – $42,735
- MSRP: $27,800 – $43,250
- Invoice: $25,196 – $39,157
- MPG: 18 City / 27 Hwy

2011 Honda Odyssey Performance :
Minivans are not built for the track, but reviewers argue that the 2011 Honda Odyssey is the best-driving minivan on the market. “Not to burst anyone’s bubble, but the Odyssey didn’t carve corners like a Porsche Cayman. This is still a minivan, after all,” says Autoblog. “Yet, when we expected it to exhibit severe understeer in the corners and roll over its front outside tire, it didn’t.”

2011 Honda Odyssey Exterior :
The styling on the 2011 Honda Odyssey was inspired by lightning bolts, but some reviews say it looks like the van was hit with the ugly stick. “Maybe sometimes a breadbox should look like a breadbox,” says Road and Track

2011 Honda Odyssey Interior :
Not every reviewer is a fan of the Odyssey’s updated exterior, but it’s difficult to find something to complain about on the inside. “The interior, though, is where the magic happens in minivans. (Or is its necessity the result of magic already happening?),” says Car and Driver. “This interior, unlike those of previous Odysseys, has been designed by Americans for Americans. . . . Thoughtful touches include the aforementioned removable center console –its deployable trash-bag ring provides a destination for empties from the 15 bottle and cup holders –and a cooling box at the base of the center stack.”

2011 Honda Odyssey Safety :
The 2011 Honda Odyssey hasn’t been crash tested by the federal government or the insurance industry. While the 2011 model is a redesigned version of the Odyssey, earlier models tend to have done well in crash tests.

2011 Honda Odyssey Reliability :
Honda has a strong reputation for reliability and covers the 2011 Honda Odyssey with a three-year/36,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty.

(2011 Honda Odyssey reviews)

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