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2012 Ford Focus reviews

2012 Ford Focus Pictures - 1

2012 Ford Focus Reviews. This is a review of the 2012 Ford Focus about overall, prices, performance, exterior, interior, safety and reliability. You can get the latest reviews of the 2012 Ford Focus here. Another case with 2011 Ford Focus.

2012 Ford Focus overall :
The Focus was popular and well-liked when it debuted in 2000, but over time the competition improved, and the Focus lost its appeal.
Now, eleven years later, Ford has completely redesigned the Focus in hopes that it will regain its reputation as a top choice among affordable small cars. With competition like the Chevrolet Cruze, Mazda3 and Honda Fit, Ford had to revamp the Focus from the inside out to distinguish it from other cars in the class. The interior was one of the first things to change, and now has more high tech options. “The company is loading the Focus with all manner of optional niceties,” says Edmunds, “such as keyless entry and ignition, a rearview camera, a semi-automatic parallel parking system and the new MyFord ‘driver connect’ technology which reconfigures information and entertainment operation with five-way touchpads on the steering-wheel spokes and, with high-end versions, adds an 8-inch touch screen display.”

2012 Ford Focus prices :
How much: The sedan starts at $16,995, and the hatchback starts at $18,790

2012 Ford Focus Pictures - 2

2012 Ford Focus Pictures - 3

2012 Ford Focus Performance :
In all, reviewers don’t call the 2012 Ford Focus’s performance ground-breaking, but they do say it’s a more fun to drive than earlier generations, especially around corners. For a better performer, reviewers suggest the Mazda3.

2012 Ford Focus Exterior :
Hands down, reviewers have fallen in love with the 2012 Ford Focus’s exterior styling. “The new Focus is handsome,” says Car and Driver.

2012 Ford Focus Interior :
These days, affordable small cars offer comfortable, utilitarian interiors that offer tech features you’d see in a more expensive car at an affordable price. The 2012 Ford Focus tries to stand out, but Automobile Magazine doesn’t think it succeeds. “Inside, the Focus offers up an interior that, while nice, isn’t going to redefine what buyers have come to expect from small cars in America.”

2012 Ford Focus Pictures - 4

2012 Ford Focus Pictures - 5

2012 Ford Focus Safety :
While the federal government and the insurance industry haven’t tested the 2012 Ford Focus, it does come with numerous safety features and MyKey, restricts speed and stereo volume while young drivers are behind the wheel.

2012 Ford Focus Reliability :
Warranty information for the 2012 Ford Focus isn’t out, but Ford covers other models with a three-year/36,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty.

(2012 Ford Focus reviews)

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